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Wave Contact Lenses

Designed using sophisticated algorithms, a custom contact lens nearly mirrors your cornea. A special type of camera, called a corneal topographer, captures your unique corneal shape data to create the most precise and comfortable fitting lens available.


  Wave lenses, following the shape of virtually any cornea, are available as single vision, multifocal, semi-scleral, or orthokeratology lenses. It is a one of a kind lens built from the ground up.

Pellucid Marginal/
Salzmann's Nodular Generation
  • The cause of keratoconus and its subset Pellucid Marginal Degeneration are unknown, but it's associated with eye rubbing and genetics.
  • Eyeglasses can help in the early stages of the disease. However, as the disease progresses, they no longer provide adequate vision.

  • The preferred treatment for moderate to advanced cases is semi-scleral rigid gas permeable contact lenses, because they do not interact with the diseased cornea.

  • Custom lenses created with Wave contact lens technology, which follows the shape of the diseased cornea, offer a more comfortable and precise fit, with enhanced optics.

  • Imagine the joy of waking up and enjoying the day without any dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

  • Orthokeratology is the medical non-surgical alternative to refractive surgery and is completely reversible.

  • Ortho-k involves sleeping in a rigid gas permeable contact lens while it gently reshapes the cornea overnight, similar to how dental braces work in straightening crooked teeth.

  • A higher level of ortho-k design and customizability is possible with the Wave design. No other ortho-k lens offers Wave's design platform feature set. Every eye is different and every lens should be as well, especially ortho-k lenses. They are also approved for overnight wear.

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